Do I have to buy a new Helmet?

No, the beauty of this product is that it works with any of your old helmets. No matter what the make, design or size.

I have no technical skills; do I need an expert/ mechanic to install this?

Even a child can install this kit. It was designed to be an easy plug and play mode. The whole helmet can be designed in under 5 mins.

Do I need any special tools to install the Nash Flash Kit?

No tools are required to install the Kit. However, we do offer a kit that makes the installation instant with everything you would need to set up your kit right away.

How far is the light visible?

On the straight road and clear whether the light can be seen from over a kilometer away.

Can I create my own design and matter?

Yes, of course! We like to think of it like a cool clay for adults the specially designed string light and flexible allowing you to mold them and design them in any which what you want.

Why do I need to buy the Tape Separately?

Firstly, we wanted to make this kit as affordable as possible for everyone to use it.

Can I wear this in the rain?

Of course, that is the coolest part. You look like a superhero from the movies rocking this kit in the rain.

Will the light always stay on after installation?

No, there is an on and off button for you to operate the lighting.

How many different lighting modes are there?

There are 3 different lighting mode available for to switch between as indicated above.