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Tired of holding your phone by hand? Ever dreamt of having two arms? Lazy phone holder allows comfortable access to your phone as it can adjust to fit your need. With sturdy holders, you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone. This neck phone holder can be either place over your neck or wrap it around your waists. Neck cell phone mount holder is compatible with all size of phones. If you always drop your phone on your face when lying down then lazy neck holder will resolve the issue.

Reasons why it will please anyone needs

  • FREE YOUR HANDS:-Perfect for viewing phone & watching a movie & enjoying music & GPS & phone games in kitchen, toilet, bedroom, car, bicycle, gym, office, exhibition and more.


  • Never Drop your phone:- Lazy phone holder is thoroughly tested and it ensures your phone never drops.



  • EASY TO USE:– Flexible aluminum band allows simple and straightforward use as it can either be placed over the neck or even around your waists.

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  •  Chat freely:- Lazy phone holder allows your hands to be free when you are on call. You don’t have to strain your hands anymore.




  • VIEW ANYWAY:- Allows 360deg view, so you can use lazy phone holder in any manner you want.


  • Adjust Height:- One can also place the phone holder and any desired height which best suits you.




  • BROAD COMPATIBILITY – universal mobile phone stand, compatible with all size of phones from 4.5 to 7.4 inches


  • STURDY HOLDER:-Best support your phone can get with a firm grip that will ensure your phone never drops and you able to take it anywhere.


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